A Message From Bebang11

Hey, bloggers! Thank you for taking your time to read my post/s. I am truly grateful for your sincere curiosity.

My blog is dedicated to literature, especially those which were created by Filipino writers, because I want to show to the world our great talents and I want you to understand us (Filipinos) through the works of great Filipino minds. Though I am aware of the copyright law, I am disclaiming those that will be posted here (except my reviews and own works). These are not my own– I just want to relive their words (because I’ll post works created more than a decade ago, and some present literary works) through this humble blog. It’s like sharing old books to the new generation, rather than leave those to rot in bookshelves, ’cause I always believe that literature is timeless. I will put the authors’ names, the title/s of the book/s in which the literary works are published, the year it was published and everything else necessary at the beginning and at the end of every post. I will also post my reviews about these works but in a separate page. I’ll be posting my own creations– essays, creative writing, but mostly, poems. And if the author happens to read my post/s with his/her work/s, feel free to request, suggest, or tell me if you don’t like it being posted in my blog, I will grant your command as soon as possible. Please bear with me for the unpermitted posting of your great works, I just want to share your creations for the world to see your talents and brilliance. I will never publish (physically) these. I will never take credit with your works. I respect you because of your intelligence and originality. And I am hoping to meet you because you influence me and I commend your passion for literature. And because of that, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You’re legacy will live forever.

Without wax,

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